Limited Mileage!?!?

Right then,

Obviously the less miles you do per year, means less money to shell out to the money grabbers on insurance!!! It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work this out…BUT…what system / checks are in place to ensure that you only do the limited miles you tell the insurance company you are going to do??? For eample you tell them 6000, and you do 8000. Whats to let them know that?! Are they linked in to the Mot database that has your mileage on or what. As I have always been a man of 18000+ miles a year it hasnt ever been a factor, but now with running the 2 cars, and my GTO policy in a few months it would be helpful to know. Not that i am a dis-honest geordie, just in case i accidentally drive my GTO a few thousand miles more than I tell the insurance i am going to. Will I get stung for a hefty ammount, not be insured above my 6000 quota??? I really have no idea :oops: :oops: :oops:

Any info most welcome ! ! ! ! !



There is no formal or legal check for milage.
You could drive 100 miles and lend the car to me for 6 months and I add 10,000 miles. How can the insurance company disprove this?

Maybe you have done a lot of track days or rolling roads?

I have had low milage policies for years with problems.


I don’t think they really care unless you have an accident, then they will ask to see the MOT and a loss adjuster will look at your car or the milage will be noted by the repairing garage. They will then instantly know if you have gone over your insured milage, and may not be so keen to pay out. If you notify them when you go over the milage they will ask for more mony but I don’t think it’s a massive amount (may be wrong on this), then you are covered.

As far as I would guess it is the car the insurance relates to so if someone else did 10K in it the insurance company probably wouldn’t wear it, unless you could provide irifutable proof. But you know they will try and do anything to get out of paying, and at the end of the day they always have the final say.


I have be told by my insurrance company that if i go over my 6000 limit i would have to pay £220 extra i think it was.

New insurence with Frizzell - unlimited millage on the Vectra and GTO!!!
and buisness use!!!

Im sure i will give the insurance a 100% accurate mileage per year figure when my premium is up.

Cheers for the info tho.


Also you could say your dad or your mates have been driving your car on their policy there is now ay in which they can prove how many miles you have been driving!