Lincoln oldie newbie

Just install a frigging turnstile will ya lol
My 6th
Paul Wrights mk4 conversion
Needs tlc so let’s see how we go!
Fletch IMG_20200819_183627|375x500


Back on-line :+1::+1::+1:

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My missus said she’s gonna kick my head in lol
Really missed driving one, Big Red was special, don’t regret selling her as I know she’s gone to a good home, but this 1999 is a great base to take it further
Good to be back lol


Blimey Steve, did not think you would have another.
Big Red has done very little since I bought it off you, but this winter i will be getting a few jobs done.

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Hello young man, pleased to hear

Good to hear Steve :sunglasses:

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Nice looking car @fletch_plasterer1

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