Link to topic not working as expected

Dean you link does not work :wink:


Edit: regarding the link on this post here.

Thanks for the reminder simon.

The link worked for me.

Hi Dean I get this

So when I click the image I get the blue writing I then can click that and get the image

I am using IE11


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Hi Simon,

As @Beanus mentioned it works for me.

The text [image] is not actually what you click this is just an indication of what is in the post when the title is clicked.

In the picture below I have marked the areas you can click to go to the post with LINK

Also note the EXPAND marked, this actually shows the post content (image) without leaving the page.

I also tested this in IE11.

Ok if I click the expand that works, why does it display [Image} or can we get it to auto expand


It displays [image] as a placeholder as you can’t preview images without loading them.
If it was text is shows a snippet of the text.

No - auto expanding is bad.
Links like this actually can load entire threads - containing many images etc. Only important if the user is really interested.