Local hobby type mechanic and parts needed tocal to preston

hi anyone in or near preston lancashire i was going along in my 1991 gto only just set off nd literally she cut out

checked fuel pump thats working
checked shes got spark on all 6 and yes
checked timeing belts both ok
checked compression and literally nothing on all 6

any ideas ? also evil empire performace is there a phone number and is there any breakers yards other that the leeds guys more local to preston where i can buy engine parts etc ? lots of info i know but if someone can give me info and some phone numbers of any enthusiasts local to preston that would be fab

Hi sorry to hear of your woes

Here is Robs details


Have you checked the timing is OK?
Maybe the belt jumped tooth!
Or timing belt tensioner failed!

Going back a few years to say the least but i remember there was breakers somewhere in north Manchester area.
I will search the local rags and see if i can locate.
When i was there i found 5 or 6 in bits. Not much use right now i know but will let you know if i find

In the mean time have you tried Preston Scrap cars?

Worth a try.

There is only one timing belt, that’s under the covers, remove the top cover and check the belt, which leads me to compression, is your compression tester ok? To not have compression on all six is unusual to say the least. Have you checked that the fuel filter is not blocked, have you got fuel up to the fuel rails, easy enough to slacken the bolts and seeing if fuel comes out.

Whoops, just noticed Jerry’s post :innocent:

Terry :sunglasses:

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this is amazing help thank you everyone :slight_smile: ive currently got a mechanic on this im just trying to be pro active because alot of mechanics who dont know this vehicle can clearly get spooked by its complexity and i dont want a massive exploratory bill before they find the actual fault

did check fuel etc pump and fuel at the rail all seems to be working there was an old immobaliser fitted the one where you press the fob into the dash and it “clicks” but this was disabled some time ago

whist im on anyone know where i can get one of those digital LCD displays that display the temperature insude etc its just gone out ? well it did a few months back

there is a place in leeds that seems to break GTOS but i cant ever seem to get a straight answer and i cant understand allways what they are saying over the phone lol i get a general mumbling down the phone i think its grehams autos ?

is there anyone that could supply their mobile number so i can call up for advice on a few questions is have ? if anyone coud volunteer their mobiles so i can have a chat that would be great as im after doing a few things with my car apart from sorting out the engine :slight_smile: anyone in the north ? close to prestn off this forum? whos clued up fancy giving me some advice and a chat (im happy to pay for time etc too )

i woouldnt send my car to a breakers and they are unlikely to have specialist parts shes worth good money so i wuldnt let her out of my sight

Had the exact same symptons as your having,my cambelt had jumped due to delaminated pulley,i would get your timing checked first

ive forwarded on all ya comments to the mechanic to check that first the belts all seem ok but yes defo the slippage of the belts ill ask em to check it ? any ideas what sort of money i should pay for this should it be that ? also where can i get engine parts

shes a mark 1 1991 car twin turbo 3 litre i need used engine parts i guess? anyone breaking a mark 1 with reasonably priced parts avilable used?

If it has smashed itself up inside it won’t be cheap unfortunately , so then you have a choice ,

Find a used engine to get you running again
Rebuild yours and possibly future proof it with a few upgrades should you ever want to up the boost

Personally I wouldn’t be fitting second hand internals , depends how quick you need to be running again mind

What I will say though once it’s apart you always find other things that need doing so factor that in

Craig :grinning:

When You say “the belts all seem ok” what do You mean ? Do the marks on the cam gears align with the marks on the rocker cover ? If not then the cam belt has slipped few teeth and thats Your problem.

Just be careful who you take it to as if they don’t know these cars they’ll do more harm than good.
Like I said earlier in the post remove the cam covers and check that the timing marks align as they should and you can do that yourself without spending any money. Are you sure aswell that when you did the compression test you done it correctly? Is the compression tester fully working? As it seem odd you don’t have no compression at all!
Maybe try that again first.
As for second hand parts for the internals I wouldn’t recommend as it will cost you double over time.
For parts etc maybe try to speak to rob at evil empire performance.

much appreciated i will listen to what you have said and thats for the diagram realisticaly if its the engine etc what would i or should i expect to pay ? and does anyone off here have an engine for one of these or breaking one of these as there are other things i may need soon like the little lcd screen that displays the fan etc


There is a MK1 to being broken on the site at the moment so worth asking there for the fan display. As for engine components and stuff as everyone says use a trusted supplier such as @GSXRKID rob at EE.

I grew up round Preston way - can’t think of any garages that deal with these cars - best bet is find a mechanic who is experienced and interested in the car - you can also get the workshop manuals on a USB stick from the club shop for around a tenner.




Your don’t wanna hear this but if it’s an engine rebuild it I’ll probably cost you as much as the car with new parts and labour if you do the work yourself you would save a lot of money.but until you check that timing and or do another compression test you can’t tell what’s wrong with the car.if the belt jumped tooth while driving your more than likely you need pistons and valves than when the engine is out you might aswell do a full rebuild preferably forged as it’s probably better in the long run.


Ok , don’t rush to conclusions and how much will cost before You know what the problem is. If is the timing is not always a disaster it has happened to few of us in here with no damage to the internals , to service the timing with labour and all parts will cost around £ 500 but You can also do it Your self with some help and advice.


Unfortunately according to Members Location Map there are not many Members around Your area , is a good thing though to PM me Your first part of Your Postcode ( if You wish ) to add You to the Map.


The max i would spend on the car is 5 to 800 quid no more that that as I have quite a few different classic cars etc I’m not a mechanic

I really hope it’s not a rebuilt even if it’s slipped a belt it sounds expensive pistons etc :scream::scream: Jesus