Logged out and logged in by mistake




Jerry i am now you i am logged into your account, will now log out as ive changed your password, must be time for a drink


Nice one😎


Right i am now you your other 1


This is weird talking to my self​:joy::joy::joy:


Jerry im here password changed as you, dave


I’m here now too


Omg tfft I was logged out :joy:


Great that it’s all been sorted :sunglasses:Good to have you back properly Jerry :joy: And well done Dave for sorting through it .

Good job the support was there to help :roll_eyes: Thankfully Dave spent his time to suss it


Massive thank you to @Daveperkins for sorting my logging issues out for taking time to get me back .
Cheers mate
Jerry :grinning:


4hrs almost on and off JD


@gto_power1 @gto_power11 is your social media linked account that’s why it’s there, at some point you have logged in with faceache.


I see, as I was wondering where it came from!
Jerry :grinning: