Logged out and logged in by mistake


Logged out by mistake and logged in again and it seems I lost everything
My posts my avatar etc


Hi mate have you tried the password reset?


[email protected] this is your email address on your account make sure your using that and not facebook to log in


I’ll try to log out again.


That is a different username to normal isn’t it Jerry?

Could be why you can’t see other posts etc.

Tracie :dog:


It is,for some reason I’ve logged in with another email and this came up


Try to log in with the above email without changing password or a fkin mind field of ■■■■ happens :sob:



Tracie :laughing::joy::joy::joy:


OMG that picture even looks like him Tracie :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


@gto_power11 I can see you still not able to log in if this persists I will change your password and pm you it. I’m not supposed to but if the powers that be want to keep screwing around with the site development unnecessary then I don’t a dam.


Cut the flattery @GSXRKID :wink: cause he’s got a new ‘virgin’ motor arriving tomorrow :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Tracie :dog:


I’m going light weight… it’s got fk all on it already so I ain’t buying nout… less weight more power… could diet, but think it would be easier to push it.


Have you sent a ticket Dave :hugs:

Tracie :thinking:


Have I hell, what is this council waiting office


@gto_power11 you need to take a ticket, wait in that q over there while I make a cuppa, chat to my fellow colleagues… may have a fag and we will be with you shortly sir :+1:


Nothing dave can’t log in with that email and requested to change password twice but didn’t receive it.
Sorry I wish I didn’t click log out by mistake


Oh here we go again right 5 mins


Hi dave nothing worked keep saying error
Done exactly what you said copied and pasted the password and tried with username and email.
Jerry :persevere:


That was 35 mins ago now Dr. Dave :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


OMG! Right im going to impersonate you, no good asking dean ive noticed the last 2 members have not been able to log in ever again that did this… dean was supposed to have done this!