London To Paris Tunnel Run

There is in the not to distant future a Tunnel run from London to Paris.

It is an overnight affair, 6 o’clock Eurotunnel Sat evening returning Sunday morning about 6am.

Details are private, not for general discussion, if interested PM me for more details.

This is a proper tunnel run, with the official tunnel runners, not the Jap girls. There are eighty cars going at the moment, plus twenty or so more from Holland and France.


Well off to Paris on Saturday evening with another 65 UK tunnel runners, met up with 15 more over from Holland and a great night was had by all

A few pics here, might post a few more interesting ones up later.

Nice one…how often are these things run then? Would be tempted with a similar event like that!

looks good but i might of felt some what inferior in a gto, did you take the porsche bren?

What’s inferior about a GTO?

Nice photos, Bren. Glad you enjoyed it and everyone got back safely, I hope.

Give yourself a shake Webbo…a GTO inferior…i’d rather be in a line up of supercars in a GTO than one of many Porches…sorry Brendan!

What’s inferior about a GTO?

Nice photos, Bren. Glad you enjoyed it and everyone got back safely, I hope.[/quote]

I with Driverrob & Markdas on this one,yes cars like the 911 are also fantastic, but I drive into london most nights that I work , & it would also be fair to say that the later 911 are a very common sight, & people take very little notice of them :lol:

If I had the cash & time, I would to do the run, it would be fun & a bit of an eye opener to some of the supercar owner to see just how quick some of our cars are :wink: don’t you think :?:

I’m no expert but I make you right del.

I love cars & can appreciate other makes/ models.

But, A GTO being inferior?!?!?!?!

…Shame on you.

Say seven hale mary’s & read the 1/4 mile table 100 times!!!

Jim :wink:

You could of always of taken you Bimmer and felt even more inferior! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

ok slate me if you want and im open to insults but im also pretty aware that driving with ferraris 911,s,dodge vipers tvrs and nobles i would feel a little small. brens gto is however fantastic and i was no way insulting his car!!!,as a fair comment i asked bren if he took his porsche! i also wish i hadnt even bothered to post anything!! i should of just pm,d him and asked him, that way i would not be taking ■■■■ taking insults off folk who have never even met me.

as for the beemer it is in fact a works business car, and is worth far more than my gto. did i say it was a super car?? did i say it was all singing all dancing?? no i never have said that, it is a basic engine model that delivers 35 mpg to keep my business fuel down.
i think you guys are forgetting i own a gto? i like it yeah its fine and was a super car a few years ago, its not a ■■■■■■ rocket ship though!
if you want to insult me then please pm me

Hi guys, I took the Porsche for its first real run and in general was very pleased with it. Ironically, there were only two Porsches on the run, both the same model 964, only mine is a convertable. Driving round Paris with the hood down was way cool. The GTO on the other hand is a far nicer drive and certainly more comfortable. Also my GTO is way faster but these trips are not about speed but more about the cruise, lets face it 80 odd supercars cruising down the motorway at 80mph is deffinately a head turner.

Now the GTO would deffinately not be embarrassed in such company, it can hold its own very well, as you all know I’m off on the Furball rally across Europe in July with a lot of the guys who were on last nights run.

These runs are organised pretty much every six months, the last one was to Amsterdam. These are aside from the normal London Tunnel runs.

As they come up I will post brief details on here and if people are interested they can contact me. A couple did on this one but in the end no GTO came, shame there were two Supras there.

I’ll stick some more pics up later.


Hey, lighten up, Webbo.
Blokes’ jokes; no insults intended. Sense of humour needed.

Heres a link to a bit of video footage of 80 cars on a Tunnel Run, Good Fun,

Paul Humpleman uploaded this video to


Just playing webbo,

Was’nt slating you. Sorry if you took offence. All said tongue in cheek mate.

Sounds great brend. I always realy fancied one of these.
Hoping to dip my toe in the water with the jap girls run first.

Then maybe do A longer (international) run in the future.


Jim :smiley:

Webbo, inferior in a GTO!!! Plenty of fiestas there for you?!

Sounds good in the tunnels! Good vid


[quote]Webbo, inferior in a GTO!!! Plenty of fiestas there for you?!

Sounds good in the tunnels! Good vid


Right!! Thats Really Does It!! Whats wrong with Fiestas :lol: :lol:

I’ve PM’d Webbo to appolagise, it seems I over estimated how familiar I can be with him, so appolagies all round Webbo, i’ll think twice in future and will restrict my messages to purely on topic remarks.