Long overdue introduction, and a query

So, My name is Adrian and I’m and alco… sorry wrong forum :smiley: I’m a long time lurker, infrequent poster. I thought it was probably time to introduce myself, and my wheels, for anyone i didn’t meet at Beaulieu the other week.

I have been through 3 GTOs so far… (so far? i don’t want to send another one to the great scrap yard in the sky)… I have always loved them so i have been on the occasional look out for one for a while. Back in 2013 a mate an I signed up for the ScumRun. A banger rally with a price limit of “roughly” £500. So we set about looking for sh*tboxes in the 400 to 600 range. Up pops a £600 1991 black N/A GTO (jap import) literally 3 miles away. Obviously i had no choice but to have a look at it, and after taking it out for a run bought it on the spot for £550 (knocked him down due to some minor issues).

All in all it was a pretty good motor. We snazzed it up with stickers and some internal mods etc and it made the 2500km round trip to Cologne, Berlin, Prague, Strasbourg, and then home again without breaking a sweat (except on the autobahn where i had it up to 160mph with power to spare… :open_mouth: )

But alas it was not to last, as a few months later we took a group driving holiday to wales. My co-pilot for the scumrun was driving the GTO, i was in my Smart Roadster Brabus, and friends were in an MX5 and a scooby. We went to the Evo Triangle to give the cars a bit of a run, and my mate ended up wrapping her around a tree. :frowning:

A full debrief of events was documented on our ScumRun blog here http://wkandcabe-scumrun.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/once-more-unto-breach.html#more

Feel free to have a poke around the rest of the blog if you want more background on that car.

The last good picture of her before the unscheduled arboreal interface - * sobs *

Still… not fazed by the loss of £550 (plus mods) i decided to get another. This time i found another N/A, a MK2 1994 model this time, this time for a little over £600. Looked in near perfect condition.

Bought that after inspecting it closely (checking the timing belt among other things) and snapped it up. Took it home, drove it around for a few weeks, and then one day the power-steering / alternator belt snapped, jammed in the crank pully, made the timing belt skip about 5 teeth, and wrote off the engine. Well balls! Not worth getting it rebuilt… as that would be several orders of magnitude more ££ than just buying a replacement car. So off to the scrappy that went.

Numebr 3 turned up on my search just 5 miles away. This time, determined not to repeat past mistakes, i opted to spend a bit more money and get a better car. A 1993 TT in Red. Not immaculate, but i was deliberately looking for a project car. All the features seemed to be in place. Active aero, active exhaust, 4ws, active suspension, AC, cruise, moon-roof, no obvious electric faults. As it turns out, most of these features were on the edge of failure… and i didnt find that out until much later… but then with my luck so far, that was a given.

So after what seemed a good inspection i bought this one for just over £3k.

As expected it goes like stink. I think its had a few tweaks as its pulling almost 5s 0-60 which seems a little above average. But as implied above, it has a laundry list of issues, including several of the advanced features failing (like the active rear spoiler, active exhaust, and suspension. But still, its certainly a fun car, and as a project car its definitely giving me things to play with, so I will be keeping it until it detonates, or end up in a ditch. Which ever comes first… lol.

So, now to my query, in my adventures with this new car, i have discovered a strange box. Above the rear wheel well, inside the car, on the drivers side. There is a metal box that looks original mitsubishi, but not original to the car, glued in place with a WORLD of mastic, and then another, that looks like 3rd party, gunked on top of that with even more mastic. They both appear to have been wired into the factory wiring loom, or at least, were done back in japan so all the cables and wrap have aged the same amount. I have no idea what it does, but it doesnt look like any of the other factory parts in the car.

See the terrible pic below:

Does anyone have any clue what this might be? Getting it out will be a mission but i would love to know what it does. Its not an alarm or immobiliser (or at least not one thats working). It could be a tracker, but theres no antenna, or way of administering it.


Just to wrap it all up in a nice little bow, if you are feeling bored and want to read some more of my ramblings about my GTO woes, wander over to my blog. https://adriandiy.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/the-gto-project-car.html There are a whole load of posts about the car so far, but ive not updated it in a while so i need to do that.

Anyway… thats me done for the next 4 years or so, lol…


Also, just as a side note. Given recent events in Charlottesville I think I ought to make it clear that my Nickname on here has nothing to do with the KKK, Nazis, or racism in general. I chose it almost 20 years ago as my online gamer tag based on playing a “White Knight” (the one with the armour and the sword) in a modded version of Quake.

If one of the moderators could edit my nick to wkuk (an alternate nick I use) instead to save confusion in the future that would be really useful, otherwise could everyone just make a mental note that I am not now, nor ever have been, a racist / fascist -expletive- Thanks.

Its depressing that I should even have say that in this day and age really. :frowning: I had kind of hoped that society had moved past all this nonsense.

Welcome back Adrian :+1:

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Hi Adrian.
Great introduction post.
My guess would be that the box is a tracker.
Bit of a stab the dark as it’s hard to see in the picture :grin:
Found mine in roughly the same area. 2 objects one the tracker the other a battery.

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Have changed your name for you tho really not needed, welcome back.
Will have a proper read of your post and links when I get 5 mins ( generally locked in the toilet in my house :joy:)

Where’s White Knight gone :astonished: really tho, welcome back, as @DavePerky says, I too will have a read, just not at this moment.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Well done back in Gto land hope it’s third time lucky getting the car sorted and good story.
Good luck with your car.

Good to see you here matey


Welcome nick

The box you are referring to is the power supply for the rear quarter lights that should light up when the side lights/main lights are on and will say “GTO” in green…

If its not working it can be made to do so

Quite fancy and is a factory fitted extra, quite rare too…

If you need any help with parts give me a call on 01702-614469 and i can help you out

Cheers Rob

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Interesting. Any documentation on it? I’m guessing after 23 years the battery is probably kaput… but it would be cool just to find out wtf it actually is.

Thanks a lot, its just easier to avoid confrontation if possible. As this part of the forum is public you never know who might find the post after a google search.

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AHA !!!.. The car DOES have these quarter light panels (as i said the car had all the options), and they worked for about 5 minutes after getting the car, but stopped working shortly after my dalliance with the cables powering the fog light and rear number-plate lights. Probably just broke a wire or something.

Although, are you sure you aren’t confusing this box with the little invertor that is situated near the wiper bottle at the back (thats where the wires for the side panels go back to on mine)…

The GTO logos look like they use electro-luminescent tape, which works a bit like a CFL light in that it uses high-voltage / low amps to create the light. Normally its an invertor that takes 12v @ 1a and outputs something silly like 10,000v @ 0.001a.

I will have to have a closer look, but not this week. I am prepping the car for another trip to Europe at the end of the month and dont want to end up in a situation that the car is in bits 2 days before we go. South of France this time. Hopefully no dramas this time (last time the radiator fan broke in Italy and it needed trailering back to the UK because no-one knew wtf the car was and couldn’t fix it).

Cheers all, Adrian.

My box for the rear gto lights is near the rear washer bottle. So pretty sure yours is for them also.
Have all the paperwork for my tracker but it was fitted in the uk 1999 when it was imported. Mine was just before the rear speaker and wired into the loom.

Yeh mine looks quite different to that one. Although i guess there are various types. I will probably try and get it out at some point but that will be a total ball ache im sure.

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