Long time no see from your X Chairman


Well yes i`m still around abusing my cars, At 65yrs of age i still have the mentality that cars are not designed to just sit in a garage they are there to be enjoyed, After many years of GTO ownership & making many friends on this forum + a few enemies i suspect i still view the forum with interest, Myself & Diane recently did a charity track day @ Blyton Park in Lincolnshire & one of the photos i think says it all.

Enjoy your cars because it never leaves you ha ha
All we need is a toasting fork !!!


Hi Julian,

Nice to hear from you and good to see you are still enjoying your motoring.

Thought you might have bought @CDMH’s car for Joseph, keep up the family tradition and all that😋

He still spends must of his time on our stand at JAE anyway so might as well have the right car :joy:



Always nice to see you frequenting the forum Julian , as for enemies nah they have long gone , well fairly recently , hindsight is a wonderful thing that we should all have degrees in, the atmosphere back then was a little caustic shall we say and things happened that never should have , the main instigators and stirrers have departed though

The Christmas do misses your comparing on the evenings

Cracking shot of your motor :red_car::fire:


Welcome back on the scene Julian !


Who are ya??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Joking, saw a guy with a pick up going down my dads road lifting gates and putting them on the back of his pick up, thought I’d better not say anything as he might take offense (a fence) I’ll get me coat!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome back Julian nice to see old habits never die.
How you finding the rx8?
Is it more reliable than the gto?
Jerry :grinning:


Hi Julian
Good to see you here again, hope all is going well for you and life is good.
Cheers mate.


RX8 is as reliable as anything i`ve owned, forget all the stories about using more oil than petrol, these are stories from people that have either never owned one or have had a bad one, Had mine 3 yrs now & not once has it been any trouble, Bit like a GTO, look after it & it will look after you, Must say however it has crossed my mind more than once about maybe getting another GTO


Welcome back @Julian are you coming back full time?
Lots of great information in these pages well worth the £20 :joy::astonished:

Just think access to all the old stuff… :joy:



Agreed Julian.
It’s good to hear that,and I do like them a lot but as I never owned one and you see so many go for peanuts it makes you a bit weary.
And I’ve been wanting one too for some time.
From your experience with them, what to look for when buying one?
If you don’t mind me asking!
Jerry :grinning:


Common sense really, look for one from an RX8 owners club member, go for the 231bhp not the 192 & most of all & this is the most important thing, get a compression test done before you buy it & if they wont do it just walk away, compression results need to be anywhere in the 7s, good compression shows the rotors are ok



I think you will find @Daveperkins that i have never been away, just been looking from the sidelines so to speak & as for the £20, You may find that myself being an ex Chairman that i dont have to pay.

Cheers Julian.


Can I buy Your title Julian ? :grin:


Good to see you back old git.



Where the hell did you get that one from :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don’t pull the tight arsed northern crap here, :slight_smile: You aint changed have yer?



As you said in another old post we have more X’s than members… think we may go bankrupt


Bet you’re gonna go for the PM’s job when it becomes available Julian :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Think @Julian is thinking of an Honorary/Founder Membership which yes a Founder Member who was there at the beginning of GTOUK are given a lifetime Membership without payment, what’s endearing is they don’t use it and still pay to give something back to the Club.

The Club Shop shows the President, Vice President and Chairman still pay their dues, as they should. :grin::grin::grin:



Used to pay all my dues @Tracie, Have had full access since i left & was led to believe this was because of the reason i stated, looks like i shot myself in the foot now, oooops !!



Hi mate last full access was 15/16 membership, payment then cancelled.
Cheers Dave