Looking for a 1991 or 1990 GTO TT to purchase

Hello folks

I will just jump right into it… I am a total newbie amongst you GTO elite, but im presuming that this should be a good place to ask and maby get some advice.

I am looking, and have been looking for a Mitsubishi GTO TT prefered 1990, but 1991 model is also ok, to purchase and import the where I live, so I thought if I could ask on this forum, if there is anybody that knows of somebody that is selling one of those.

The car will be used primarely as a show car for the classic car club that we have here on the islands, and since we dont have any Mitsubishi GTO´s in the club, it will then be the first, and automatically be the representive of those classics.

The criteria I am searching for is:

Totally stock 1990 or 1991 GTO twin turbo with working aero package.
Interior in good shape.
Must have original documents from the registration. (We have some extreme import laws here, so that point is extremely strict)

UK seems to be the easiest market since it is closest to my country, so I have tried to look around on those autosale sites, but im not comfortable buying a car without getting some confirmation if it is a keeper.

In hope of not to much newbie bashing and best regards
Johan Thomsen
Hamarsnidid 9
700 Klaksvik
The Faroe Islands

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Hi Johan

There is a for sale section of the forum but I am not sure if it is only available for full members (if u r not already one you won’t be able to see it).

Also if u see one for sale on other sites, post it up here because a lot of the guys will know the cars if it has been part of the club before so can get some info that way.

There is also a really good buyers guide on here which has some really invaluable advice so check that out too.

Oh and welcome to GTOUK :blush:

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Hi and welcome to the club,

Have you thought about importing from Europe? The 3000gt was sold over there and in left hand drive (as I gather the Faroe Islands drive on the right hand side of the road) and might make importing easier from Denmark?

We can certainly help with your search and as bex says have a look in the buyers guide

What sort of budget are you working on?

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Thank you very much for taking time to read and reply :blush:

You are correct about us driving on the right side of the road, so a 3000GT would be more natural, but the very very few I have found have eigther been in very bad shape or way off priced… The used car market in Denmark and the closest countries around is completely ridecelous :confused:

I am not sure what budget I am supposed to set, but is it even possible to get a good car between 3-4000£ ???

I am also very very grateful to any advice and the time you folks take in answers and help

The euro 3000gt and UK 3000gt are the same car essentially just left and right hand drive differences,
The Gto is right hand drive but a Japanese import, quite a few mechanical and aesthetic differences ( but this comes with a galvanised chassis although most are now showing some rust)
You will certainly get a decent TT for £4000, although its always best to know what to look for (as any car really)

Welcome buddy. As has been said £4000 would certainly get you a very good standard TT but make sure you check out the buyers guide. Its is a very comprehensive guide and will hopefully stop you from getting stung. However, if you are buying abroad and importing I guess you probably wont get a chance to see the car before you buy it. If you do buy from the UK it would be worth posting up links to the cars as someone here will probably know it. And if it is near to me then I wouldn’t mind going to have a look for you.