Looking for advice on this GTO

Hi everyone,

I have recently found this GTO, but I am not sure whether I should buy it or not as I have little knowledge about the GTO. This car is a 1993 MK1 Non-turbo import with roughly 110k miles, and has only done about 15k miles since 2006. It looks to me that it’s in great condition, both exterior and interior, but I am not sure about the engine bay. I have attached an image of the engine bay that the owner sent me. Does this car just need a clean and repaint or are some vital pieces rusted? Thanks.

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Hi Jeff and welcome to GTOUK , first You have to read this https://www.gto.club/resources/buyers-guide/ , from what we can see it needs a good clean up can’t tell if there is any serious issues part from having the wrong battery and this is a fire hazard as the structure of the bonnet in that corner brings it too close to the terminals .
The right battery should have the terminals close to the intake pipe , does it run ?

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Thanks for the reply. The car does run. The owner has sent a video of him starting the car and recorded the engine bay while the car was running, but I am not able to post videos right now otherwise I would attach that video. I can instead attach another image of the engine bay that was taken from a slightly different angle, but I am not sure if that will help.

Hi and welcome to GTOUK

Looks pretty normal under there tbh , good signs for me looking at it is there is no staining on or around either of the coolant filler or expansion bottle . As @spiros has already mentioned battery should be swapped

There’s nothing that a few hours spent under the bonnet wouldn’t put right , literally a couple of hours cleaning would get that up nice , more hours invested and you could make it very pretty

Check the buyers guide as said and also make sure the cambelt has been changed recently , if not factor that in the price ,it’s not the cheapest to get done at a garage if done properly , that includes belt , tensioners, water pump and thermostat .So factor that in the price




To be honest it looks in pretty good shape , the rocker cover looks a bit toasty but I think that’s quite common on these cars as I’ve seen lot like that, but all the piping and plastics look extremely clean.

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Thanks for the replies! Well I am glad that it’s in good shape under the bonnet. What about insurance? I have read some of the threads on here about insurance but many of the comments were from a couple of years ago.

"How long is a piece of string ? " Take your time and shop around starting with the the insurance mentioned in this forum !


Hi @jeff777,

that looks ok under the bonnet, as @CDMH said, a few hours cleaning she would be good to go. Welcome to GTOUK, where abouts are you?

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Welcome to the club!

As stated above battery is the only thing that needs changing,

Insurance wise heritage do classic car insurance which is pretty cheap - I have 2 GTO’s fully comp for £500

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Thank you for all the welcomes and replies. I am located in the south west, near Plymouth. I think I might go ahead and purchase this GTO. Thanks for all the help! I’ll be sure to stay part of the community if I buy this car. :slight_smile:


Good Luck and hopefully we’ll see You back here soon !