Looking for first GTO/3000GT

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to join the club proper and buy my first GTO :smiley: , any recommended sources besides Ebay/Autotrader?

Ideally I’m after a mk 1 or 2 as close to spec as reasonably possible.



Hi Adam,

Welcome to the club :+1:

First thing is to take a look at the buyer guide that is on the forum and print it out and have it with you when you go to view a car. Then go too look at a few cars and take your time do not get rushed or pressured into buying one.

Look at places such as Facebook as well and ask members on here what they think of a potential car as it’s likely it has been owned by a member or being sold by a member.

Good luck in your search and feel free to ask questions.


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Hi Adam
Welcome to GTOUK.

Hi Adam
Welcome to the club and good luck in your quest.

Twinturbo is the way to go, defo read the buyers guide

Find out about the belt service. Check the oil pressure guage works

NA is more reasonable on price and less issues to arrise

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Hi Adam

Welcome to GTOUK , guys pretty much have it covered in the advice above only thing I would say personally is avoid Motorhub in Keighly and also Top autos on eBay as things are not always as they seem




Willkommen zu GTOUK :ok_hand:

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Welcome mate, you can pick them up for about 4 grand. Don’t be paying 6-10 grand for one, unless it’s mint.

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Sie können sie für £ 1500 Jerry kaufen, sagt so

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Thanks for the advice folks, much appreciated!

Particularly interesting to hear the caution against Motorhub & Top Autos, I was aware the former had a pretty shady reputation, but something about the latter didn’t seem right…and besides Camden doesn’t seem the best place to test drive one!


Welcome to GTO UK Adam !

Hi Adam,

Welcome to GTOUK. Good luck, take your time to find the right one.


You turning German now @DavePerky :rofl:

Welcome to the great club.
I’m sure there is a member on here selling one at the moment can’t remember who exactly from memory is black and on auto trader hopefully he’ll see this and link you up.

Or you could ask jerrysc to sell one of his fleet of gtos


1500 quid ? That’s Jerry’s going rate :joy: or is that just for buying :thinking:


@CDMH Das habe ich gesagt, @gto_power1 ich spreche Deutsch, bis der Brexit abgeschlossen ist

Frankfurter :kissing_heart:


This one is up on an irish Website, couple more too.
Welcome to the club

Dave Tayler mk1 tt is for sale he is a ex member on here
pm your number to me

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If daves car is for sale it would have to be cheap