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Hiya… Im new here and just signed up… I bought a gto last year and seem to have a problem. The guy thats working on it couldnt seem to figure it out. Is there a shop in the Cambridge are that specialized in GTO? Thank you and looking forward for some input.

Not 1 local, westfields in southend is the only one that i know of, i know bc cars in haverhill will work on them, and im only in bury st edmunds.

Jason, nice, I’m in Brandon area and looking for a person that will work on my car and help it start. Me and my mate’s been sorting this but couldn’t find an answer. I might need a professional to do’em.

Hi and welcome, maybe telling us your problem we could get our heads together and help. There is nothing on these cars now that hasn’t been before. Also there is a large knowledge base too. If you become a member there is a vast amount of knowledge that can be accessed by the search button.

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Hi @Mac_Dagdagan,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

Get some pictures of your car up and introduce it :grinning: we all like to see cars - this is the main purpose of the newbie section.

As Terry @just_cool mentioned there are many sections on the forum including technical sections where you can ask questions and find solutions.

Full membership is £20 p/a and is available via the club shop via the link below:



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The car doesnt seem ro start and when we remobe the front 3 coils it works. Did the timing belt job but also the wires were eaten by rats. So not sure if its electrical of mechanical issue.

Hi and welcome, are you saying that the car starts and runs with 3 coils removed?

I am happy to come round and bring some parts, my car was running fine but started to smoke, so the engine is out for a full rebuild.

But as said before buy the membership and drop me a message for a weekend your free

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Its odd, but yes. Wish I can send a video

Welcome to the GTOUK, and all it offers.
There are potentially loads of reasons why your car isn’t starting. Keep it simple in carrying out your checks. Begin by checking these…
Cam belt doublecheck for timing position
Ignition leads, coils, and PTU ok
Fuel getting through ok
CAS wiring/connector ok
ECU ok
Jason will be a great help to you.
Good luck with the fix,


Thanks Mike, will take a look.

Hi Jason, sent you a pm. Thank you very much!

Hello everyone. Im Dave and I am a gto owner and i’m a newbie here. Is this where I would type a question please?

Hello Dave, and welcome to GTOUK. I see you have just become a member too, well done.
Yes, we will try and answer any questions you have on here. Take a look at the Forum subheadings and use whichever is appropriate to ask your question.
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