Looking for my old gto

(Black_lines87 ) #1

Hi my names nick, many of you may remember me as I used to work for Sumiyaka many years ago. I’m looking for my old gto reg: J389 TFC. I know it’s on the road and would love to get in touch with the owner. I really regret selling it and would love to make an offer if it can be found.

(CDMH) #2

Hi nick good to see your still about mate , haven’t seen anything of the car knocking around for a good while

(Black_lines87 ) #3

Hi Craig, long time no see. Thought that might be the case but hopefully someone may shed some light.

(Grumpy pants) #4

I think I’ve seen that on the other side ( club)

Check on Facebook mate, post it up there if your on that…
Also I’m sure we don’t mind, if as a returning member… you want to put up a wanted on Facebook classified page of the car.

(Black_lines87 ) #5

That would be great, I’ll look into doing just that.