Looking to buy my first GT/O


Hi ladies and gentlemen, As the title suggest I am in the market for a 6MT TT GT/GTO, Ideally I would like the UK spec for insurance purposes (23) coupled with Either being Black or Red as my main colour choices. Another requirement I’m after is A MK2 (preferable) but would settle on a good MK3.

Now that my requirement have been noted Do you guys know anybody who is willing to Sell their GT/O in the near future as I would really like to buy a Members car Or someone you may know and trust. Reason being It would most likley be looked after with care unlike some Ebay/gumtree cars.

As for pricing I’m open to spending a chunk of money for a good quality Car (no rust) good history, lowish miles, BPU etc.

That being said I wouldn’t mind buying a car that needs work Assuming the body is in good condition as this will be a Project car for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and look forward to reading your comments.


P.S I have read the buyers guide so I know what to look out for (to a certain extent)


Hi and welcome to GTOUK

Dave Perkins is selling a lovely n/a if that tempts you

Spec wise for uk cars the mk1 is extremely thin on the ground and they never went past mk2

Jap spec you can go through mk1 all the way to 99 spec

As for rust , it’s one of those things people will say to walk away if there srust but there aren’t many that don’t have rust of some degree due to age now




Oh never knew that hmm, Mk1 was the Pop up headlights, MK2 was the projectors and Mk3 was the face lift if i’m correct?

Looks like i can only get a MK2/3 import if thats the case?


You can get mk2 uk spec but they never gave us the facelifts after that


Ahh okay so it’s just rare to find one I take it?

As for rust As long as it’s treatable I don’t mind too much. Just done want the car falling apart whilst upgrading it haha.


No not at all obviously you will find a jap spec mk2 easier and though I own a uk spec I think cosmetically the jap spec is better looking , they are out there though , the front and rear bumpers are different in the uk cars as well as loads of minor differences


So if given the Choice to pick a Mk2 would you get the Japanese variant or the UK?


Hi Ali,

Welcome along. What your saying is all personal preference I have a uk spec mk2 and I like the bumper style. Pretty much as Craig says regarding what to look for.



Given your age uk spec will be the cheaper option to insure , personally I would buy on condition and not worry to much on colour or spec , take import mileage with a pinch of salt too as quite a lot have the magical mileage when they land at uk ports


@James3000GT not too fussed, more for insurance purposes.

@CDMH That’s very true but I’d rather save the cost on a respray unless the car is in very good condition / GBP.


Welcome to GTOUK hope you don’t mind but edited your post you tagged the wrong people… I’m sure you will get used to it :+1:

GTO or 3000gt it’s just all the rust to watch out for, can be expensive if they are.



Ahh sorry Dave my bad :joy:

Yeah just want to just find a nice base car so I can work on it for future car meets etc.

If it has tasteful more then it’s a bonus


Welcome to UK the Proper Club :+1:


Get a good mk2 and if you like the mk3 front just change the bumper.


Thanks for the idea, looks great :slight_smile:


Rust rust rust. Everything else is fixable, I know from experience…

I much prefer UK cars tbh, my pick of all of them would be a red Mk1 3000gt. Insurance on my car (black mk2 3000gt) was £276 a year.

Good ones seem to be selling fast at the moment, there was a beautiful mk2 on ebay a couple of weeks ago but seems to have gone now


Ahh that’s a shame, also who do you use for insurance?

Is there any sort of discounts offered if you are part of a Club?

only reason i ask is my insurance are in the high 2k figure


RH insurance, though that was last year. I don’t think they offer discount but I think flux do again.

I am 30 though


Ahh that explains. Also this is a question to everyone…

My work place is 1 mile away from my house so would i need to drive the car for a good 15mins before turning it off or would it be okay covering 1 mile journeys every morning?

worst case is I will cycle to work?