Looking to buy this 3000 GT?

Hi Guys!

Found this 3000 GT Non Turbo Local to me…

It’s an Import, but it’s also a Cat N :frowning:

Is it worth it? has no logbook at the moment as the person buys cars off insurance companies…

I’ve been to personally look at the car in person and it runs sweet and I love it (apart from the questionable paintwork lol)

But will it be a hassle insuring an old Imported Cat N Car?

The logbook will need reapplying for, MOT is short (Jan-21) and when searching for insurance quotes the plate keeps coming up with different cars.

Any help would be great!


Brad :slight_smile:

Hi Brad , if it’s an import it’s a GTO not a 3000gt as advertised.
That looks more like a wrap than paint.
We don’t have category’s over here in Ireland so I can’t help you with that but buying a car with no log book is a no no over here, probably different in the UK.
Why can’t the seller apply for a new Log book?
It doesn’t look like its had any body work done lately but obviously been mot’d last year.
Few red flags for me.
Welcome to the club.
For me , there are a few red

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I wouldn’t. Too many alarm bells and a tad expensive. There’s others around with no cat history, manual and better paint for not much more.

Looks like it’s been dipped witch is one of the cheapest paint jobs you can get and it looks incredibly rough seen better na models go for less than that in better condition , personally I would skip on that , theres alot of na models there very easy to get a hold , I would suggest doing a bit more looking around if that’s your budget of around 1 and half grand you should be able to find a fairly clean one.

yeah, I agree, it’s a shame because I went to look at it and it seemed to run sweet as…

But a lot of red flags… I offered him pretty much half the asking price and he said no straight away so I feel it wouldn’t be a good deal, with it being an import and a cat n too, too much of a risk I think.

Thanks :slight_smile:

yeah I thought that too :slight_smile:

Yeah, agreed :slight_smile: not really in the market for one but just thought they look cool :slight_smile: and v6 is good, I used to have a 350z

1500 quid isn’t bad really , it’s cat N so non structural , as long as the auto box is ok and the car isn’t full of rot it’s not a bad price , you could probably rattle can it in plasti dip to tidy it up that way Your not spending lots on an unknown car

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1500 for 3.0 V6 is decent, yea the paint job is questionable, but it’s £1500.

I’ve been looking around and I’ve seen 1.0 nissan Micras and similar age Toyota’s selling for £2.5k or more.

I don’t get why the NA models are so cheap. They still look sexy af and it does have a V6 in there.

Mine is NA and I Love it :sunglasses:


I love it too, and I just want to get it, I’m just worried about insuring it as I’m having a hard time finding the car on insurance websites, so I assume as its an import its a GTO, but even so there are no options for non turbo autos, and being a cat n and bought directly from an insurance company, I’m not sure if it has to go through some checks beforehand, I think getting a new logbook is relatively easy mind

There are a few out there that will insure our cars, there is a thread somewhere where people put down who they’re insured with and the cost. Have a look around the site, ah, you have to be a full member for that but they are doing an offer for membership at the moment.

Good luck whatever you choose but N/A cars are not usually difficult to insure.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Managed to get a quote from Adrian Flux for around £1200, that’s declaring its an import and a cat n, not sure if that’s any good, I’m 24 and have 4 years no claims

Mine is a GTO import, insured with principal insurance and I pay £300. I’ve got 2 years no claims on it.

If you insure under classic, it’s cheap. But it makes a difference where the car is kept, i.e on the road, drive or garage. If its your second car or only car.

I think Hagerty quoted me £250.

Lancaster insurance is also cheap, I have another classic and I pay £90 on that one with 1 year NCB.

Stay way clear of Grove & Dean, they are just awful.

I’ll look at classic car insurance :slight_smile:

Managed to get the guy down to £1300 for the car, just having a think…

I’m with Heritage Insurance £345 for my import.

Thats not bad, im with advanced insurance and I paid 800 at 24 for a twin turbo import

Keith michaels i have 6 points and 8 years no claims all mods 360 fully comp

340 for me with adrimal , I’m 23 and been driving for 4 years but I try and do classic car insurance its over 1k

Hey guys

Went to look at it again and test drove this time, auto box seems ok, shifts into all gears nice with no noise, not sure if it’s by design but second gear takes a while to change or does hesitate, OD was on also, anyone that knows anything about the auto boxes?

Other then that seems like a nice car, oil pressure and temp all seemed within normal ranges

It’d probably benefit from a gearbox oil and filter change and it’ll be fine, it’s a 27 year old box this year and most don’t look after the auto boxes, if it was a bad hesitation it’d probably throw up an engine code.

Insurance wise always call the companies as these imports aren’t on their standard website lists - you should be looking at less than £500 for classic insurance and most classic policies don’t need your no claims bonus.