Looking to buy this GTO which needs a bit of work

Hi Guys,

Just looking for some information, looking to P/X my BMW and 500 on top with this GTO. The car looks in beautiful condition (haven’t seen it in person yet) but the only thing is it ‘blows out smoke when the turbo kicks in’. The guy (who sounded honest and respectable) has bought two new turbos for the car and just hasn’t gotten round to putting them in.

I’m capable of doing the work, could you let me know other problems this could be linked to and generally how much aggro this will be to fix?

Here is the listing:

Thanks in advance


@petermartin2009 you know a little about this car dont you ?

Craig :smile:

Hi… It looks like a member has owned this previously… [a thread that isn’t too old] 1

Hope link works :confused:


I don’t have access to that topic? :frowning:

Don’t buy it engine is nakered it belonged to a member that commented on a post recently That for some reason has dissapeard :grin:

I know it will probably need some work but when you say nakered… could you be a bit more precise lol She is such a stunning example :frowning:

The exact words are ``The blue one is my old car stay away lol it needs a engine" and it was @petermartin2009 who may be able to shed some light on it for you… Just a guess but with that comment and smoke when poked would suggest warn rings and in need of a rebuild.

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Don’t know who commented as post dissapeard just know who had it said needed a new engine to @Beanus I think ?

It’s here mate :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Unfortunately I don’t have access so can’t view it. He says the engine works fine its just when it hits the turbo is when it gets not so good. I think the new owner might of fixed the bad engine? Not 100% though. :confused:

I doubt it but I maybe wrong either way it’s worth £1500 tops I paid not much more for a near minter with rebuilt engine don’t jump in I’ve learnt the hard way in the past.
This is why this forum works buddy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

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It’s still the same as when I sold it I changed every thing front and rear turbos and intercooler as was told they might have oil in them pcv Vale all rocker hoses still didn’t fix it has worn vss and compression was low 120 on rear but it will acellerate to 70 + not one bit of smoke soon as you let of the throttle it fills the area with blueish smoke and it’s not a little it’s loads but with a good engine or rebuild it be fine I spent thousands on that car

Also I still talk to the bloke as he rings to ask stuff that I’ve done to car to try fix it and he told me he’s already changed turbos he’s put new oil return pipes he ran engine flush through it then put steel fix in it so it will definitely need a new engine now as that stuff clogs everything

Wow thanks for the heads up! Shame as its a beautiful car :frowning: There are a few others I am looking at which are cheaper, I’ll link them here. Wonder how much a new engine would cost? Lots I’m guessing lol

Finding a good engine is hard the reason I sold my blue one is I had put 3 engines in of which none were good they say it comes in threes and I definatly wasn’t doing a fourth lol

Firstly, gotta say that really… really sucks. Such a good example of the GTO! Did they guy bought it off you want to fix it up? :frowning:

Secondly, what do you think of this? (Looking between 1500 - 2500)


How much have you got to spend if you don’t mind me asking ? Julian’s car in the for sale section is up for 4k and has loads of work done to it recently , if your looking at 1.5-2k cars you will easily sink that into them again to get them up to scratch , might be worth thinking about

Generally these cars are cheap for a reason

Craig :slight_smile:

It’s also down to if you want a project or not and @CDMH Is right I paid £2300 for my red tt getting wheels done ecu several other repairs well over a grand already :+1:

If you are serious about getting one then as above you can’t go wrong with Julians. It has loads of club history and is a stunning car. £4k is too cheap for it in my opinion. If you can’t stretch to £4k but still want one then find the buyers guide on here. It is a very comprehensive guide that will walk you through lots of tests that you can do in order to check all the common problems. This should help with determining if you are getting a good deal. The one in the last link looks like a nice example so worth going to look at. But remember that if it as clean mechanically as it looks then they could get £3.5k+ for it so why are they selling for £2k? Could be that they don’t know what they are selling so worth looking. But print out the buyers guide and take it with you. And do all the tests. It might p**s them off but it will stop you getting stung!

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