Looking to buy UK Mk2 3000GT Red

Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Apologies if this is in the incorrect category!

I am looking to buy a UK 3000GT TT, in red, 6 speed. Preferably under 90,000 miles. Would like it to be as factory spec as possible (don’t mind minor variations!).

Have cash waiting, or if alternatively my 1998 Mk2 MR2 rev 5 N/A, with 86,000 miles, for P/X. Please pass the word around!

Anyone out there thinking of selling to a caring owner? If so, please drop me a PM on here!

Looking forward to owning one soon and getting involved with the club!

Many thanks in advance,

Hi welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Good luck in your search , widening your search might get more results though , you might have your heart set in a red one but condition is more important so don’t rule out another colour

Craig :grinning:

Welcome and good luck in yiur search, but why not consider a gto, if you can find a fresh import it wont have the potential rust a uk car could have.
One or two fresh imports out there advertised, then get it treated straight away and it would be rust free for years.
Condition is key on any car whether gto or 3000gt

Welcome to the best club :+1:


as said above better looking at a fresh import gto, for about 5k rust free ,or a well known owners car .
theres a well known owners car for sale for 5.5k mk3 mr in silver I know of .

The problem with Imports is they don’t normally have all the extras ALL 3000GT’s have, and cost a lot more to insure

The fuel economy is also lower, the turbo’s are smaller :wink:


Many thanks for all the comments and advice :+1: however I foresee a UK model as a better long term investment. While true UK cars can be affected by rust (thanks to incessant salt spreading!), I will be looking for one in good condition. Having done in-house extensive anti-rust and epoxy paint treatment on my MR2, I appreciate how time consuming rust treatment is.

However I feel the drawbacks of getting a GTO instead of a UK GT (9b turbos, leather trim, higher insurance etc), outweigh the possibility of me having to invest a bit of time and money on a good condition car with minor corrosion!

As for the colour, it’s gotta be red!

Anymore advice from you owners would always be helpful though! :wink:


I have a red mk2 UK one sorry it’s not for sale - as my wife says I’m sure you love that car more than me! :grin:

Main thing is as long as it’s been looked after mine was and is garaged all its life and is solid underneath.



Exactly the kind I’m hoping is out there and for sale! Drop me a PM if you ever change your mind and need the money for an expensive divorce :joy::wink:

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There is red one for sale on the usual sites but I think they’re asking a little too much in my opinion but could always place an offer as it’s been up for sale for some time.


Unfortunately the two I’ve seen for sale that fit the criteria… One GT was one of the last of the Mk2’s with a 5 speed gearbox. While the other, to my immense dismay sod’s law dictated barely 4 hours before I rung up the dealer for a viewing appointment, somebody had put down a deposit for her!! :tired_face:

yea all those extra cats lol . don’t see why they are cheaper to insure tho jap imports nowdays are the same as uk cars ,used to be different tho back in the day when imports weren’t as common

I agree with you and what are the extras leather seat and slightly bigger turbos.leather seats you can buy or recover yours at a decent upholsterer and if you are leaving it standard the turbos won’t matter,and also gto sounds better than 3000gt as a name.good luck with your search @Englishjames for a good 3000gt but it might take you a while to find one without rust underneath unless you get lucky a buy one from a trusted member.
Jerry :grinning:

What extra cats :wink::joy: sent mine packing

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Hi James. Welcome to the nut house. Mine is for sale at the moment. Although just about different from your spec in every way. But you never know… Pic is below. Its a Blue Mk1 and fairly heavily modified to 430bhp…


I am shocked to see Yuki still hasn’t sold! I’m sure somebody will come along shortly to snap your fingers off for her and give her the good home she deserves.Unfortunately she’s not what I’m after but best of luck with the sale Bradley :+1:

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Haha I have sold her twice but both times the buyer has dropped. One couldn’t come up with the money and the other couldn’t get insurance. Very frustrating business selling classic cars!

ALL UK 3000GT’s had a 5 speed gearbox until 1996 when the UK caught up with the rest of the world !!

Good old Mitsi UK tossers !!

They also stopped the galvanizing after telling everyone that the UK car had a 10 Corrosion guarantee too in 1993

Perhaps they meant ‘corrosion guaranteed’ :grinning:


Welcome along James good luck in your search hooe you can find one soon :+1: