Looking to Purchase J100 GTO - Looking for History

Good Evening All,
I am currently looking at a Red Phase one twin turbo manual GTO 5 speed, Reg J100 GTO. I was hoping that someone would have some history on the vehicle and any knowledge of its modifications or its registration change. It is has supposedly been to abbey motorsport in its lifetime and also AB?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Regards John

Got any photos or a link to the sellers site? Can’t promise any success but we can try


Hi and welcome to GTOUK , number plate seems familiar but could just be the GTO prefix at the end doing that .

Craig :grinning:

Going by that it’s been sat for 7 years or so.
Kinda have to wonder why

Hi, thanks guys for everything so far outstanding response!!
I know the guy and he wouldnt sell it before! but finally making some headway with it.

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Good luck with finding the history. Likewise the plate seems familiar. Unfortunately not all members get out to meets, showing their pride and joys.

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Welcome to the club your in the right place…good luck :beers:

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Wouldn’t that be a suffix then?..

If it has been to Abbey then give them a call. Guy called Mark there (if he is still there) who is very helpful. The other person to try is @GSXRKID (Rob from Evil Empire). When i bought mine he was able to tell me about the previous 2 owners and all the work that had been done.

■■■■ off clever clogs , only being this polite as its your birthday :joy:

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Hi Guys, is it possible for the odometer to have been switched from a UK 3000GT in order to get the MPH readout? or just the face of the odo changed? the mileage seems quite high as if from another vehicle or more likely as an import in Kilometers?

So the fact it’s a 5 speed says it’s an import so yes it will originally have been in KM, if you can find out when or IF it’s been chipped to convert it to MPH you can work out roughly what it is.

Although I would assume the fact it’s been a fair few years sat I would say most of the mileage is probably KM

I just thought I would say a massive thank you to everyone who has responded so far, you will be glad to hear that I am going this afternoon to pick it up and pics to follow -
Warning! it is a project and it does need some love but its on the road and thats where I intend to keep it!
If anyone can give me some helpful pointers on work that should/optionally be done or common modifications to improve it further it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Currently looking at Intercoolers, seats and steering wheels as the current wheel although original is how should I say… sticky unless there is a fix for this? and finally a decent exhaust system as although this would not be immediate I would like to sort something proper out currently running a mix match of “Hi Performance” (atleast this is who is stamped on it) rear box non standard center section with standard manifold and CAT.
Apologies that the list got out of hand before Ive even started haha!

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Don’t be worried about it being a project , people won’t judge on here , a lot of these cars have been work in progress over time , if you look back you will see most have changed and improved over the years from first purchase , it’s all part of the fun :sunglasses:

Good luck this afternoon

Craig :grinning:


As promised, finally some pictures of the car. I did pick it up after it had been although Looked after mechanically left outside for several years. But with some elbow grease and polish it had turned out quite nicely so far :slight_smile:


Sirling effort that mate well done. I always find it amazing how much nice cars feel to drive once they have been given some love. Even just on the outside. Probably all in my head but they seem to respond well to a good clean.