Looking to sell ( I Think )


Hi putting my car up for sale.
It’s very reluctant sale, I just don’t get time to use her.
If anyone knows someone is interested please pm me,.


Gto owner. Maybe?

Few more details will help mate and a price you have in mind :+1:


All details of my car are on Gumtree. Please take a look if interested. Thanks.


Put a link up here


Here you go


Thanks for doing that. I was struggling to find the link


Just had someone offer me 2k . Yet right. :joy::joy::joy:


Get used to it… it’s a long tedious road your about to travel along… good luck tho.



I have had silly offers so far, there must be a serious buyer somewhere :sunglasses:


I’m sure someone will want it dude, hold in their. Plenty of plebs wanting it for less or tyre kickers about that’s for sure. Keep us updated :+1:.