Looking to sell my 1993 UK 3000GT, 410Bhp SOLD


Looking at selling my 1993 UK 3000GT.
I have owned it for almost 13 years and have had a load of things done to it over the years.
Looking at £6500 to include private plate valued at £1400

Below is a list.
1994 4 bolt engine fitted 12 years ago, has about 50,000 miles on it, car has 91000
Custom made 3” stainless exhaust
Upgraded downpipe
Gold Brake discs/pads
13T turbos fitted 400 miles ago
550 injectors
Walbro pump
Alloy Y pipe
Upgraded fuel rail
Apexi Avcr
Apexi Safc II
Apexi Timing controller
Light flywheel and fast road clutch
Tein EDFC suspension
Cambelt and water pump changed 500 miles ago
Alternator and battery changed 600 miles ago
Silkolene Pro S 5-40 oil always used since I owned the car

Head up display
Lambo doors (switchable)
Custom leather interior
White dials
18” Alloy wheels
Private plate valued at £1400
DVD player, upgraded speakers, large amp.
Sigma alarm/immobiliser
4 brand new tyres
Setup by Ben at Eurospec, dyno’d at 410bhp

Bad things:
Engine fans on permanently
Central locking not working
Air con not cold.
Door seals not great.
Wing intermittent


Very nice Leo :+1:


Hi Leo, came to Newbury Classic Car show with you a couple of years ago, remember thinking how good this car looked. I’ve got a picture of it parked next to mine on my office wall! Hope it goes to a good home, would like it to be my home but Mrs J insists one is enough.

Good luck with the sale,



Mother ■■■■■■, she’s a pretty one, if only you was selling this 3 months ago!!! I’d have snapped it up and saved myself a ball ache…Sorry to spam! Good luck with sale


■■■■■■ hell that’s a nice car.
If I wasn’t leaving the country for a year I’d seriously consider buying that and selling my white one


Posted on the GTOUK Facebook page for you @leowestby.

Good luck with the sale.

Tracie :rabbit:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Price drop to £5500 for quick sale.


The terms “here’s what you could have won” ring out in many members ears that are into their Gto’s for £1000s more…me included grrrrrr!
Dave :sob: