Lucas 550cc injectors


Unknown size set of injectors, these came with my car and i was told they were 550s however i have no idea. Hopefully someone has a better idea than me.



Lucas 550cc Injectors


With a clean will they do for what we were talking about earlier? Or do we need BIGGER :joy:


1000cc bad boys :sunglasses:


550s will see you 500 bhp with ease.with the right mods and tune.


Yeah ive got 19ts fully built engine front mount ect just need the ecu fitting injectors then tuning along with few other bits fuel pressure regulator ect


I’m on similar setup and I’m currently 427 bhp and 525 nm torque at only 1 bar .
Ps 427 the gto is a different animal especially with over 200 kg of fat takin off the car.its a beast


Ahh really :slight_smile: yeah i can imagine!! Are you running the same 550s?


£150 +postage if anyone wants them :slight_smile:


I’m running rc550


I think im going 750cc when mine car is all back up, I’ve got 19T hybrids


No Your not !!!


I shall rephrase! I don’t know what CC injectors Evil Rob @GSXRKID is going to make me buy :joy: think it actually may have been 1000cc


1050cc Injectors

That means they can drink 1.38 Gallons per minute at full throttle !!

16.5 gallons in the petrol tank means that they can empty a complete fuel tank in under 12 minutes at full throttle !!

Fun figures for bar stool racing

You of course could never have the throttle open that long to get those figures :rofl:


I cant wait for it to be finished, but feels like it never will at this moment in time, endless list of things to do and not got unlimited money to do it :frowning: