Mag sensor and k and n air filter

Hi , I have brought a gto with an standalone Ecu so have no need for mad sensor, all together asking £60

Fancy a change with my air filter , so a k and n filter for £60 or ono

Also have a titan front strut brace for sale! Heard these are old skool. I’ll take £150

Can send photos on request , thanx.

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Moved to the sales section

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Sorry pal.


H mate we often move posts if new members post in wrong section, it’s just help you :+1:

Mas airflow meters go for about £50, k&n you should be looking for about £75 tbh
As for the strutt brace your correct its extremely rare and I’m suprized no one is onto that already :+1:

N/A Dave

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How do I edit ad? And thanx for the prices , I thought I might of been asking too much. Cheers Dave

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Press the 3 little dots at the bottom of your on mobile device and a pencil will come up to edit.

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Thanx mate

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