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Hi, I’m a journalist trying to pull together a GTO/300ZX/Supra triple test for Classic and Sports Car magazine and wondered if any of you might be able to help.

If you’re not familiar with the mag (I know, there are millions of classic mags), it’s the market-leading chunky glossy monthly with the AstonMartin-like silver and green winged logo.

I haven’t sorted the rivals cars yet so I’m flexible on location and dates, but I’m presuming my biggest chance of getting the three cars together will happen if we plan for a shoot in the south east.

I think my editor is dreaming of being able to shoot a UK-spec GT in standard trim, not because that’s better to look at or drive than a modded car, but because it represents what you could buy in the UK in the early 1990s. But if that’s not possible, we’d welcome a GTO. Basically we just want to give the car some exposure! Anyone fancy helping, say in the next four weeks? You’d get some nice pics and be part of a chunky 8-page or so feature.

Thanks for reading

Chris Chilton

07813 008 748


Hi Chris,

I have a 1999 uk spec 3000GT in red that is fairly standard and am based near Salisbury.

If this is of interest let me know.


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I have a stock ,99 3000gt in black, UKM or a stock GTO in red, JDM .
I am from the North East.
Good luck with the article, GTOUK will be at the Lancaster Classic Motor Show with Discovery at the Nec 8-10 November, hall 8.

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That is interesting. It would be great our cars to be in article. I have got two friends with supra and 300zx.

@ORV ?


Hi Chris.
I’ve a black 3000GT , 98 mk2.
Not totally standard mechanically but close.
Interior is clean and mostly standard.
Based in Bristol. But happy to travel anywhere if the timing is correct, I work abroad.
You can view more by searching on autotrader , as she’s for sale. £10k mark.