Manchester newbie. Ideas for my GTO tt


Agree with Terry too bad !


I wouldn’t use that tbh mate.


Thanks ! Not even with the slosh solution…? As it seals the rust and any holes also. If not guess ill have to find a new tank


@jerry_SC what do you reckon have you tried slosh before


Not used slosh, tbh never heard of it before. If you had your tank done with Hartlepool Rad Co who l have set up a deal with l believe you will get a tank that is better than buying a new one, coated inside and out, l would never get anything else and l am going there with a tank tomorrow. They have a unit in stock and can do an exchange. They are great at what they do, intercoolers all other forms of rads as well. Can collect and deliver.
Get back to me if you want.
Good luck Jerry.


@carl1 you need to start using the technical categories, the newbies posts is to introduce yourself so technical information doesn’t get mixed into the public forum.

Cheers Dave