Manchester newbie. Ideas for my GTO tt


Hi there team…

I’m new to the gto/ car modding scene and have just bought myself a gto as a project. Have just bought a 1992 twin turbo with 54000km which requires minor work such as slave cylinder and fuel tank. Pics to come…

Just wondering what tasteful mods I could do to the car with a budget of 4-5k bearing in mind I’ve bought this to sell on once completed. My thoughts are the following …

Respray back to original red colour, car is currently blue which i like but engine bay is red
Reupholster the seats in padded leather with got emblem
Add a dash of red to the current leather ripspeed steering wheel
DVD / dab radio
New exhaust system
Charcoal grey alloy wheels
Dump valve

As you are all gto heads here just wondering whether this would be the right direction to go in, or is original best policy


A few before shots…!



Depends on how much you’ve paid for it and profit you expect, 5k mod budget plus original cost will not leave you much profit also adding mods will restrict the amount of people interested in buying it.

Fix the problems and restore as close to original as possible would probably be best


Thanks that makes sense… I have seen a seller on ebay has sold a couple of these for 10-12k with similar mods. Just wondering if I had a years enjoyment while I wait for a sale whether that would be worthwhile.

Going to sign up as a full member here anyhow and see some examples etc.


The person you are on about is a guy named Ibrahim, he sells junk at the highest price, have heard some real disaster stories from people who have dealt with this guy. As @robbiewarriner says, to do most of these mods would not leave you much room for profit. You’ll find that the guys and gals on here are not ‘out to make a quick buck’ but are really passionate about their cars.

Having said that welcome to ‘UK’, join, create a rebuild thread and as you progress we can watch and compliment on what you’re trying to achieve, any questions just fire away, even if you think they might be daft. We’re all daft so you’ll fit right in.

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome to the community echo what’s said before, a stock car in pristine condition will have best value, mods is fun but usualy you never get back what you spend.
I would loose the body kit and get everything working and deal with any rust issues to start.
I can help with fuel tanks, smic,s and maybe some other stuff if you need.
Good luck with the project and get joined up, best 20 quid you can spend.


Welcome to GTOUK !


Another in manchester :+1:t2: About time haha… welcome mate and keep an eye out for me on your journeys :slight_smile:


Welcome to GTOUK


Thanks for the advice I’ve took that on board for when project starts in January…

@aaron1991ellis ride looks sweet! Will be sure to give you a hello if I see you about. Hopefully I can get mine up to that standard once finished


Thanks mate… i will keep my eyes peeled for you, where abouts are you? Im in stockport


Nice one. I’m over in Stretford… jobs booked in near Stockport road aswell. think I’m going same colour as you, powder coated and refurbishing the original rims to keep original theme


Sounds like a good plan mate :+1:t2: Good luck with it


Quick question guys…

Was thinking on this build to fit a twin split exhaust and some after market wheels with red rims, would that be a good idea or would it be best to keep it original all round :thinking:


Not sure on the red rims on a blue car but i have a twin exhaust and i do prefer them on our cars… :+1:t2:


@aaron1991ellis the car will be painted back to red mate as the engine bay is red already and would be costly to strip it down


Sounds good then mate :slight_smile: :+1:t2:


Thanks for the input. Look forward reporting some results:)


Guys I’ve just checked my fuel tank as I bought slosh solution to clean and seal. There is abit of damage and the seals maybe be open? Anyone familiar as need to know if safe or worth buying replacement…


Looks to me as the tank has been stood a while, That rust inside is definitely a no no for the health of your engine and fuel lines.

Terry :sunglasses: