Many cars crush on motor way due very heavy fog in uk

Looks like it came down like a blanket, but even when getting to the fog that driver seemed to be driving way too fast for the conditions.



why is there always some people that never look past the front of there cars ? if you cant see where your going slow down , its not rocket science :disappointed_relieved:

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Jesus! That fog came in fast. Fast enough to make you want to get down to 50mph or less. The sheer amount of collisions there is unreal. The Peugeot, followed by the Merc, then the wagon managing to stop only to so obviously get rear ended. So not worth trying to maintain 70-80mph in bad conditions.

Really shows the worth of dash cams these days. Something I’m trying to get sorted so I have front and rear on the GTO and our BMW. Neither of which I fancy being involved in a collision, not when I’m finally at the point of having two of my bucket list cars on the driveway.

Stay safe guys,



The car with the dash cam was lucky to get out of that lorry’s way. Whatever hit the back of the lorry is in bad shape.