Market value

I’ve a 94 VR4 that I imported myself
13 years ago
Garaged and used only as a dry weather Sunday driver
It’s just mot’d ( have every previous certificate )
No faults Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…
Just needs a tidy up as the paint is tired and few stone chips heat and there
50k genuine Miles
Original Vols Rays racing 18” wheels
Full leather , 6 speed TT
Before I plough big money into a full respray I want to get a feel for the market value of this when it’s repainted ?

Welcome back Brian car is looking good, from the little info provided I’ll say 8-10k !

I genuinely estimated £3k ball park hence ploughing £2- £3k into a respray was on the side of foolish -
I’m not phishing for a buyer as I have no intention of selling her in the near future

Do u recon prices will continue to rise as I did consider selling this about 6 years ago when the paint was pretty mint for £3600

But couldn’t bear to part with it

Yes prices are looking up !

No comment :expressionless:

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