Massive thanks to Jerry


@gto_power1 massive UK thanks for going out of his way to do a top gear style appraisal of a car for me today… a 7.5 to be precise… bought it immediately thank you Buddy :+1:
Go slow Dave


Nice work @gto_power1

Club spirit at its finest


Nice one jerry


well done Jerry


Glad to be of help when I can :grinning:
Hopefully dave will be “ALWAYS SHOW” instead of “NOW SHOW” with his new pride and joy.


Lot’s of work to follow I feel when I’m able, bring it on after the new year… I’ve the christmas lights to do first :joy:


BS…ill have a bet with you that your fiddling with it the day it arrives and most days after


I’m not on eBay honest @GSXRKID oh ■■■■ who mentioned him… ffs stop drinking Dave :joy:


Good on yer Dave, get Xmas out of the way and then get to work eh?!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


Pictures please and make sure it’s not blue :worried:


@spiros , I think your secretly obsessed with blue , be careful or your avatar and name might get changed to papa smurf :joy::joy: at least @just_cool will like your hat



@spiros you want me to change your name for you ?:joy: