Massive Thanks to Perky


Got this in the post today, didn’t have a clue it was coming :slight_smile:

Cheers Mr @Daveperkins.

Although was a little embarrassing when the postman said are you Sausage, you need to sign for it? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No problem but as you are testing this unit for general sale for the laptop hhh software… i take no responsibility for the hulk Getting angry when you plug him in :wink: be fine honest :sunglasses:


Steve doesn’t mind being your guinea pig…pig/sausage…get it…get it…:joy::grin:

Tracie :tulip:


Ba boom tisssshhhh “thank you, I’m here all night”… Lol


Ooh ooh I like this game , right we have to guess the joke :joy::joy:


Craig he always has one hidden about his person somewhere