Maybe picking up a gto


Welcome to full membership @allyp81 great decision lots to read…
:+1: Dave


Can you post up the photos from the advert? Hope you got a good deal, it was up at a highish price, nut looked a cracker!


Cheers Dave …it’s going to take a while to get through it lol
Is this the right place for photos etc


Just been allowed to post again
Picking up on Saturday hope it’s a good one


Start a post in the projects if you like, just select the catagory and give it a title then pic away :+1:


No probs :slight_smile:


Once you get it we can add it to our fb members car’s have a Search for @gtouk on Facebook it’s a page.


I liked it I think


Great pictures Ally, car looks a cracker ! You will love having it…and you’ll also enjoy folk looking and pointing at it when you drive past them !


Came out of the shop today and two guys walking around the car drooling lol


you get that most of the time buddy,these cars are getting rarer than ever,no good being shy having a gto


Its a good feeling isnt it. I still remember the first time i filled up with petrol and i had 4 people stop me for a chat.


Ally, folk won’t have the foggiest as to what type of car you’re driving either ! All adds to the fun. :smile:


I saw that car up, it does look like a very clean and nice example. If that was my first one…and it’s as mint as you say, keep it! Ones like that don’t come up as often as the pants ones!