Maybe picking up a gto


Hi all hopefully picking up my gto this week a little excited ! And scared as know nothinf about them.


Hi welcome to GTOUK, exciting getting your first gto which one did you get?
Any pictures of it


Hi Dave,its a 95 gto twin turbo mr ive gone for.Im not very mechanical but its absolutely mint.


That’s @ScottMR territory check out his car , if and when you sign up to full membership there is a huge database of help you can see, we have all our projects and car’s in members area, Scott’s his a huge read.
Pics up as soon as you get it, Otherwise we scream at you… PICTURES! :joy::joy:


Hi ally

Welcome to GTOUK , don’t be worried , many of us bought our first ones blind without knowing a thing about them .

With the help and support in the club there’s nothing to be scared of


Craig :grinning:


Thanks guys hope to get some pics up if i figure out how lol
Good to hear theres help at hand if needed
Hopefully have a few mods to do nothing mad though


Hi and welcome to GTOUK,look forward to seeing another 95 MR ,pics would be great,seeing it at a meet even better.




Im probably too far for a meet in scotland


Looks a stunner mate,bestcolour too


Its absolutely mint not a mark on it


Plenty of you guys up in Scotland now

@spiros another for your ranks



Sounds good !


Mines from prestwick on the coast there,drove back to northampton no problems atall


Welcome ally, car looks mint, treat her well and she will give you miles for smiles. I think Craig first said that so I am unashamedly nicking it :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Ally
Welcome aboard, to a great club, good choice an mr, I have one and they drive great, been watching that one in Scotland, seen the photos and it looked in superb condition
You will have to check in with Spiros !! He is in Scotland and maybe come and meet us at JAE.
Good luck with your gto.



Nuff said :joy:


Wow she’s a stunner. Fingers crossed its a good sign of a mechanically well looked after car. If you dont have proof of it recently then make sure you get her in for a 60k service. Spiros or one of the other Jocks will be able to point you in the direction of someone up there who can carry it out I’m sure.

If you are looking at mods then definitely sign yourself up for a full membership. Its invaluable having the tech sections available when doing that kind of work.


Welcome Ally , car looks good on Holliday at the momment will be back next week ,where about are You ? Send me a PM to add You in the GTO / 3000 Gt Scottish members list. Cheers


looks a nice one ally ,need any help just give us a shout a few of u up here with some knowledge of the cars .I have an mr aswell now but waiting engine rebuild after 3 years of building it for the shows