Mechanic in Lancashire area

Hi all,

First time poster from Blackpool. I know you guys require pictures but im currently at work abroad so won’t be able to post any for a few weeks yet.

Looking for some help if anyone can assist please. I bought a 1990 Twin turbo GTO in September 2017. Was only £2500 so not in the best condition with numerous bumps and scrapes on the bodywork but it started first time and seemed to drive nice (plenty of pull). After a few months the car was cutting out when starting from hot, never any issues from cold but when starting from hot i would have to give it a little on the accelerator or else the revs would just drop off and it would cut out.

Then during the winter when it was cold there was a large amount of white smoke all the time when driving. I took the car to a garage in Blackpool and they said it appears the car was burning oil. So i stopped driving it after that and started looking around for a mechanic to take the car on and get her running perfectly…nobody wanted to know.

Then last summer I decided to take it out for a blast and when pulling up to a junction the clutch went (believe its the master or slave cylinder as it comes back after pumping the pedal). So the car is now SORNed and laid up on the driveway at home. I was debating letting it go but i cant bring myself to part with it as I’ve wanted a GTO since being a kid and would only regret it. Can anybody recommend a mechanic in the Lancashire area or if not, anywhere in the UK. I want to get her back up and running and in mint condition for the summer.

Any help would be much appreciated on this guys. Desperate to get her back on the road.


Hi Chris
Could help you with a garage in the north east, Tyneside, just done a clutch in a tt.
Do get joined as well, wealth of info and fun here for you and your car…
Pm me if l can help you.
Good luck.

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When I try with the coupon code field blank i get an error saying “street cant be blank”??

you are on the system, just need to add your credit card details. Not sure why your having trouble.

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