Meet and greet at Grandborough near Daventry

Anybody up for a mini meet at the Shoulder of Mutton pub in grandborough near Daventry on Sunday 3rd August?
I will sort out a map sortly and sort out a time to meet up.

So far we have:


Here’s some more info :smiley:

The Shoulder of Mutton pub

Address with post code for those with sat nav: Sawbridge Road, Grandborough, Warwickshire, CV23 8DN

yep, i will be there. count me in :smiley:

Any of you northampton / surrounding area peeps interested in popping along …vikky ?? :lol: :lol:

After speaking to Rich, the plan is to meet up at about 1pm. He also assures me that the pub does food so if you feel a little peckish you can get a bite to eat :smiley:

either me or hubby will pop over aslong as the boozer sells pies and peanuts :lol: :lol:

is anyone else coming to this ?

This meeting is tomorrow guys :wink: Have we got any more coming or is it just the 3 possibly 4?

well i’ll be there at 1pm , so see whoever there , if anyone is coming and gets lost then give me call on 07816298887 ,

Hubby and his mate are coming…they got tomtom so no probs finding it,but they will probably do every pub on the way knowing them two :lol: :lol:

Hi scott here,forgot my password :roll: ,thanks for the hospitality,had a great time and you guys made us very welcome,some nice cars,nice surroundings and friendly company…cant wait for the next one but i must get a non drinking driver :lol: :lol:

thanks guys(and gals)
scott 8) 8)