Meeting point for Japfest M5

Meeting at Strensham Services on the M5 southbound between J7 and J8 WR8 9LJ.

Meeting at 7.15!

Leaving as soon as the people who put their names down below are there, for a 1.5hr trip to Castle Combe SN14 7EY

i will take my sat nave for anyone that wants to follow me??? :twisted:


Im in for that Paul

Craig :slight_smile:

See you there!

:? that looks being quite an early start as it’s 1hr 40 mins to get there from Notts. That means leaving my house at 5:35, and as I’m a bit of a girl in the morning having to perm my hair and all that I guess it’s a 4:30 wake up call :shock:

Still the road should be nice and clear :twisted:

I’m off to bed now! :wink:

Krike Dan.

Surely it’s got to be easier staying up rather than waking up, you’re used to that. Get to Japfest and indulge in a 1hr Powernap. Hahaa. :lol:


dont be late!!!