Member numbers


Just like to say that we have achieved a bit of a mile stone within the club.
The last time the club had this many full members was before gtouk split in to two clubs (Oc)
Every year has seen an almost consistent growth bar the year change of old to new forum.
Seems we just keep growing n it’s all down to you lot!
We have 40 new full members compared to last year bringing our current total of full members up to 221
That is about half of all GTO owners in the country as DVLA state there are around only 509 in the country


That’s cool the more the merrier!


And to think some thought certain members where putting people off posting and joining,looks the reverse to me.


Just shows what the club is all about. friendly advice, jokes, p155 taking, and swearing but the filter is on. A good place to be.

Terry :sunglasses:


Call me naive for asking, as I’m sure the reasons are deep and numerous, but why did the community split into UK and ■■?


Don’t ask!!! psst. ‘whisper’ there is a thread on here somewhere that explains it all, people don’t want to drag up the past and taint the future, just know you are part of the best club in the UK. :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:


Basic users can’t see those posts if you’re Desperate to find out you will need to become a full member lol…oh the joys of full membership hey Terry :joy:


Becoming a full member is good. You get the likes of dave and terry ready to pounce on your arse and call you mandy :joy:


It is taboo @leearowley We don’t talk about it but if You give me the half price of membeship Ill tell You :wink: :grin:


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


Red card maz :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: oooh i wasnt supposed to say anything about it to non members


At least nobody attempted a hard sales pitch… oh.