Membership expired ? I can not post?


Hi I just tried to list my GTO for sale in the Classified section but the + New Topic is not availalbe to me :frowning:

Is this because I don’t have full membership? (At present)

If I do it now how much will it cost me (I notice membership runs from March to March)

Thanks Hawk


Believe its £10 to end of year mate


here’s the link if you are interested.



Hi Dave / Gavin

Just sorted it thanks guys :slight_smile:


But when i go to Classified the +New Topix is faded out and when I put the mouse over it it changes the red white circle and red line through it ?


Well, don’t go there then :joy: :joy: :joy:

Only joking, try a little later as some of these things happen, its beyond our control.

Believe that, you’ll believe anything :joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


Just my luck :wink:

Or is it fate I am trying to sell my beloved GTO and it won’t let me :frowning: :slight_smile:


have you tried logging out, closing your browser then logging in again?


Got it in one!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


Sorted it did all the above no change :frowning:
Went to forum home page selected +New Topix Then set title all OK

Thanks :slight_smile:


see we fixed it :joy::joy::joy:


I believe some part of what is going on here is…

User’s can not create new topics in the top-level #classifieds category this is as designed…

The #classifieds section has sub-categories, you must post into one of these:

Because of the large number of categories sometimes it’s easier to start a new topic from your chosen category:

  1. Navigate to the categories page
  2. Pick a specific sub-category to post in.
  3. Select “New Topic” button.

This way the new topic is created with the current category selected.


Thanks :slight_smile: