Membership form / cheque in the post - forum access?


Bit of an unusual request, but I’ve sent off my form and cheque (as well as a cheque for 2x JAE tickets). Anyway I was wondering if there was any chance I could get advance access to the forum, more specifically the brakes section.

Basically I bought the car 3 days ago, but have now found the back left of the car is leaking brake fluid. Not good. I was hoping to see what info is in there, and if there is anything I can do, or if the car needs to make its way to the garage straight away. Obviously if there are any parts I can order too it’ll speed up the process.


You may not be but if you are then I wouldn’t be driving it if you know fluid is leaking from the brakes :wink:

Now I’ve realised I’m not doing - I spotted it, and drove home slowly trying not to even touch them - engine braking only!

I’m thinking I might even just take it straight to the garage tomorrow morning (before too much of the precious fluid escapes!). It’ll cost me more but at least I won’t fail to stop, then lose my car, and my NCB!


Just to quickly follow up and say thanks for giving me access. With a combination of forum and Google I figured out it was actually the rear power steering.

I’m now sat in a cafe, while the guys in the garage are working on fixing the car!