Membership number request for new member

Hi could i have my membership number when you get chance, just insurance is asking for it.
thank you

Have been here 4 years and didn’t know there was a membership number, never been asked for a number, just ‘are you a member of a gto club?’ So if there is a number perhaps I could get a reg plate with that on instead :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi Jensen,

Did you pay for your Membership through the Club Shop via Paypal, and if so was the Paypal transaction in your name/paypal account as we haven’t as yet received notification of it.



Found it now, there was another order which was cancelled, must have caused an email blip on your 2nd order.

I’ll get you on the Membership List and pm you your number.


PM now sent.


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