Membership packs and renewals 2008 batch

Richard, Clare and I spent about 7 hours yesterday sorting out all the new years memberships - renewals and new members, and also those missing packs from the previous year. These are now all packed up and waiting for me to get to work and send them all out.

You should have them delivered by Friday next week, all being well (I’m currently away from work on a course, and these all go out on the franking machine and recorded delivery book (for membership packs), and I’m not going to a Post Office to fill out 50 forms and post 300 items! :slight_smile: )

Our list was up to date, minus the latest new members over the last week or two. We’ll do additional runs once a month after this, so you won’t have to wait more than 30 days for a new members pack from now on (at least that’s the plan!)

Excellent work guys, looking forward to em :wink: :lol:

That was some day yesterday, I’m knackered and need a week of work now :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a great team effort!


Well done guys, I bet you are glad you volunteered now (NOT!!!)

No way… happy to be doing something useful… :wink:

Working together as a team makes it quite rewarding :? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rich :slight_smile:

All the renewals and membership packs (both new and missing from last year) have been sent out today. Watch out for a letter with a Hampton School franking mark on it - IT’S NOT JUNK MAIL !! :lol:

We will be processing new memberships and late renewals from the last few weeks before mid-June.

Will be nice to get a new membership card, even if it has a pink car on it :wink:



Less of that, nothing wrong with pink.

A lovely gesture from the club at the end of my Chairmans year(s)


Recieved my membership pack today.Thanks,we do apprieciate all you hard work…honest :smiley: :smiley:

yes, recieved mine too!

Got mine to.


Recieved mine many thanks again - Andy

Yep got mine too first thing this morning :slight_smile:

Me too, thanks :slight_smile:

thanks guys
i got my membership card today :smiley: still dont know what happened to last years? :?
without sounding ungreatful is this the membership pack (a card)?
im sure some1 said the got a keyring last year? :wink:

Can someone confirm that the membership pack’s are just the membership cards?

I know the cards are plastic this year, but I did enjoy last year getting keyring etc.

Thanks, sorry if I sound ungreatful.

Got mine this morning from the post office, been there nearly a week. The last time i had to sign for a letter it turned out to be a summons so now i’m a little hesitant. As for the contents mine did contain a keyring, GTOUKsticker, Relay & fuse box stickers as well as my membership card. Ta much, a nice pack.

Think your first year you get a “pack”, stickers, keyring, etc, etc. Then each year after is just an updated card.

Got mine the other week there. Thanks guys…great effort! Although, like others, I was dubious about going for a recorded letter that I wasn’t expecting!

P.S - who do I inform about a change of address?