Membership renewal!


Need to renew my membership as its run out and the moths need a breather :blush:

Just get it through the club shop still?


Yeah through the club shop is fine :smile:



About b loody time :laughing: yes club shop , while your in there get your tickets for JAE for you and sheena

Craig :smile:


no worries cheers m8e :wink:


As much as we would like to be at jae this year my gto’s coming off the road :unamused:

The engine in mine is over 200,000 on the mileage now and it’s about time it got a new 0 mile engine + a few extras and as i’ve already got a 4 bolt in mine i haven’t got to source one :sunglasses:

Its starting to smoke a bit on idle and when you let off the faster pedel its either stem seals or the turbo seals are going, Its easier to just pull the lump and get it rebuilt with all new shiny bits plus a respray is on the cards aswell get it back to red instead or an orange/pink combination :stuck_out_tongue:


Done Moths have been exercised for another year been put away again :+1:


Hi @cantfindthegenepool - I can confirm your membership renewal has been processed.


ahhhhh there you are.


Never to far away i linger like a bad smell :hankey:


cheers dean :smile:


Dean I am probably being thick but I want to renew my membership and all I can see is the full £40 signup fee…can you help?


Are you looking in the club shop @Jeemy ? renewal should only be £20

Craig :smile:

Edit i see how it looks now

its a £20 sign up fee for first time members then £20 renewal every year thereafter , dont panic we wont charge you £40 :smile:


Yeah wasn’t clear but its done now. It implies right through the process that you’ll be charged £20 plus the membership, then doesn’t do that. I think I expected to see a mid-year signup like in the past. I have been very busy but one of my staff has been working on my car for me, lots of pics soon, its close to finished from what I am told.


Long time no see in the forum Jeemy, get the pictures up :smiley:


Jesus where does the time go. Back into it now, first time on the forum in a long time. Lots of big news hence my absence. Cheers for the PM. More soon!



:grin: :grin: :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


:open_mouth: what the f----- where You’ve been hiding You missed lots of episodes and there is a lot of reading to do , Welcome back and start to unfold the story :grinning:


Bullocks was gonna cancel that…ive only got £20 in my account now I’m 88p overdrawn :joy: