Mercedes A140 Classic


Hello Selling on behalf of my Father who due to ill health can no longer drive at the age of 77. He has held onto this car for over a year in the hope he will be well enough to drive again but sadly not the case.
The car is in Merthyr Tydfil South Wales which is 20 miles north of Cardiff.

It has always been stored overnight in a garage He has had this Mercedes A140 Classic for about 5 years and used to drive it around the town or to the post office or social club etc but other than that it’s his little run around. So I went to see the car and I can describe it to the best of my abilitities as below:

A140 Classic with 1400cc engine. Registered on 10th September 2001. Former owner was registered disable and it was a disability car. My Father purchased this at the age of 72. The MOT and Tax has expired (due to his ill health,) but he had it MOT at the begining of the year and it failed on needing new brake pads. Known areas: The car does need a new drivers door mirror (glass only).

It has some fine scratches on across the centre column of the passenger and drivers door - it is where my Father used to lean against the car chatting I beleive. There is a tear in the drivers seat. The Bonnet spring has broken and the bonnet holds in place but it just needs a new spring for it to close tight. The wheels have scuff marks on the front wheels but all the tyres have excellent tread.

Both keys are available but could do with a new one as my Father has damaged the key casing due to an arthritic hand. Other than these minor blemishes the car is a solid car with average mileage I guess for the year and its solid throughout with no dents or damage.

Any questions email me please on [email protected] and I will be happy to answer as my Father is still unwell.

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