Metal sidelight holders and bumper trim

hi rob, can you supply me the sidelight holders?? they bolt to the car and inside the bumper, also need a rubber trim that goes at the front of the car between the bumper and the bonnet, at present i have nothing, think part of it may be metal.

got my battery holder thanks webbo

Hi neil,

Will sort you out some prices and get back to you

I have written out a quote form here, so i dont forget :wink: :wink:

Cheers Rob

thanks rob, car is off in for a respray on jul 8th so need to get these fitted prior to this date, i require the strip that runs across the front bumper and grill that fills the gap and also these light holders.
cheers mate

any luck robboman??

Hi Neil,

I have the rubber strip in stock.

There are twp metal strips that sandwich it along the front lip of the inner part of the front bumper.

I will have to order these in and they will be next week as they are GTO MK1 items and I do not carry them in stock. I have the MK4 ones in stock though, but these have a different curvature to them, the also have a different curvature too.

Give me a quick call on 07891-606913, I have an idea to help you out

Cheers Rob

thanks rob, will ring you tomorrow pal.