Mg zr 160

Just wondered if there is any interest for this car. Has some decent expensive mods but also has a crack in the head.

Still driveable at the moment as long as you take plenty of water with you but need to shift as a whole as rather not break, anyone able to point me towards any interested parties before I go on the MG ZR Forum. is a good place to advertise but you may not be able to unless your a member unsure on there rules .

Shame the heads cracked or possibly porous we had a few K series heads go that way .

Should be any easy fix for a competent diy’er or walk in the park for a mechanic .

These cars in vvc form are seriously good fun motors .

the wife bought one back in 02 using my company discount at the time .

Good luck with the sale Gavin , what you after out of interest price wise ? also whats the colour mileage and age ?

Craig :slight_smile: