¼ mile ET, MPH & HP calculator

This may be interesting to some or I could be bored and have nothing better to do :roll:

On http://www.stealth316.com/ site there is a ¼ mile ET, MPH & HP calculator http://www.stealth316.com/2-calc-hp-et-mph.htm
Now using this I entered Dave Naxton ¼ mile times and speed figures, I used Dave’s figures as he has confirmed figures for times, speed and BHP. (Hope you don’t mind Dave but you’re the only one I Know with figures for both)

Neither calculator is completely accurate to Dave’s figures, but it you use both calculators and then take the average of the two; the figures are just about spot on. So if you have ¼ mile times you should be able to get an idea of your power.


Mark, good site I agree… but i got fed up with estimating my car’s weight… and not having it at home at the moment to go and weight it was a bit frustrating… :lol: Also that may explain why youre calcs weren’t adding up… you need the weight of dave’s car with him in and all his luggage/load to get a true answer… right…? cheers dmc

Usefull post, usefull in FAQ.