Mini event Peterborough


Because somebody wrote “clean me” on my gto, I decided to go to car wash. There was one about 1,5 hours driving from me to Michal @BOTT living in Peterborough. So he took me to car wash, and we had an oportunity to shot few pictures from our mini spot.



Lucas, you had your car washed and it rained, that is the problem with this country. Mini meet looked excellent, now for the Pizza Hut :grin: followed by Bowling :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


Somebody wrote ‘‘clean me’’ on a polish guys car…priceless ,great pics mate


Are these all the pictures You took Lukas , do You have some more ? :smile:


Was me mate :joy::joy: on drivers side :wink:


make him pay to get it mopped @lukas,writing on dirty paint with finger causes terrible scratches :rofl:


Yours don’t look that bad


Missed this seems to be a past events glitch :persevere: @lukas do you get yours done free if you go to a polish wash as they can understand when you say… get stuffed how much!
Great pics Budd