MissBanzai Charity Tunnel Run March 12th 2011

Back for the first time in 2011, we present another London Tunnel Run, hosted by MissBanzai.com inviting all Japanese car owners!

Please read the details below and follow the donations instructions.

*** Note this is for Japanese cars only - no exceptions… non Jap cars will be refused entry ***

The run will kick off at Essex Arena (RM19 1AE) on Saturday 12th March from 9.00pm. Maps will be handed out on arrival to those who have pre-paid through the Just Giving site. There will be no entry to the site after 10.30pm so please arrive on time.

Please register your attendance by visting http://www.justgiving.com/MissBanzai2011 and donating your £5.00 entry fee. (Please put user name & club in the comments).

Donations made via the Just Giving site will go direct to the nominated charity, Lupus UK. This is MissBanzai’s 6th tunnel run and we decided that this would be our chosen charity for this event. One of our long standing members is currently being treated by the Lupus clinic at UCLH, he has yet to be officially diagnosed, but has been receiving treatment for this condition for the last 7 years.
Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. This results in symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, and damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart, and lungs.The main sufferers from Lupus are normally female, developing symptoms around either puberty or menopause and in most cases it’s a hereditary disease passed to female member of the same family. Only 1 in 10 sufferers are male and of those only 1 in 20 are under 30.
MissBanzai felt this would be a very worthwhile charity to raise money for on this occasion and a show of support to one of our members.

In comments please put your club name & forum user name - nothing else! (this list will be used to hand out the route maps of the run on the night -there may be a limited number of maps on the night BUT this is NOT guaranteed).

-Please arrive at the arena no earlier than 9.00pm. PLEASE NOTE you should use the go kart track entrance to the arena.
There will be a £1 per person cash charge entry fee on the gate to cover the arena hire costs.

-Payments for maps can only be taken up to 13:00 on 12th March on the Just Giving site. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AFTER THIS TIME or you will not be included on the list of maps for us to allocate on the night!
If you do not pay you are not guaranteed a map.

-Entry is £5 for a map (prepay on Just Giving) and £1 per person in cash on the gate to the arena on the night to cover the arena costs.

-This event is for Japanese cars only… nothing else! There will be marshalls on the gate.

-Please remember to drive responsibly - anyone not doing so will be asked to leave the site.

-You will need to bring sat nav / London A-Z for when you get lost. A passenger / map reader is also essential!

Sky Insurance and other companies will be awarding prizes on the night for the best turned out cars of the evening. The prizes could be awarded to any Jap cars from Civics to Skylines… so get polishing!!! Prize to be confirmed

Hope to see some of you there! Any questions, please drop a mail to [email protected] or post your questions here! We had approx 450 cars from various different Jap car clubs along last time, and have raised over £10,000 online for various charities to date, so make sure you come along and be part of it this and help raise some cash for a very worthy cause!!

whoop whoop not long now hope lots more of you can make it, im dying my hair and beard bright pink for this to try and raise a bit more cash lol