Missing Membership

Hi Mate

I sent my membership off together with my sons fee also (2 £25 cheques in one envelope) you have sorted my membership out but not my sons, his name is James Marshall and his log in name should be Jamesmarshall27, password xxxxxxx, his address is West Hallam, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Both cheques went out of the account on the same day. I would be grateful if you could chase this up asap.


I can’t help you on the membership front as I don’t have access to that information.

But I have removed the password and your son’s full address from your post, as you should never give this information out in a public area.


I’ve added him to the current membership group now.

Only info i got sent this year was about the AGM no reminder of renewing for coming year.

Just looking on here seeing where i can renew via club or shop?