Mitsibishi gto twin turbo project for sale

Hi I am selling my gto that I brought as a proje t car. The car has been sitting around since 2009 from previous owner. He told me the big end bearings have gone and he couldn’t afford to rebuild the engine. I brought it of him but I really have no time to do this due to work and family life. I have started refurbishing some of the parts on the car.
So when I started stripping the car alot of the bits needed replacing. I have kept all the bits that I think need replacing. Juat brought a pair of head lights for it as the ones that was on the car were really badly rusted. If someone wants it I will put wheels back on so it can be recovered. The car is import so mileage says its 125000 but thst kph not mph… price is £1000 any information text or ring 07926970707

Open to offers

Good luck with the sale - I did see a MK1 TT engine for sale on eBay - could be worth a engine swap to get running etc… would definitely help the sale…


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Cheers James. Juat really struggling with time something you don’t get much of when you have kids lol I would like to keep but it’s alot of work to do

Do you have the link to this engine

Hey buddy,

Where are you based?


Hi there I am based juat out side of Loughborough

Let me get some quotes for transport and will be back in touch buddy :slight_smile: cheers!

Ok not a problem

Selling for £750 now as need it gone