Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO Twin Turbo Manual Black - £3995

Here’s my PH ad:

On here the price is lower, as it would be better suited to an enthusiast than a generic nutter looking for thrills.

I took this on to help out the previous owner, and because it’s pretty awesome.

Having put some miles on it, I have come to the conclusion it’s not for me. I have in mind another FI MX5, and this has to go to help fund it.

I am open to offers, and a PX of an Turbo or Supercharged MX5 if you happen to have one :slight_smile:

Any questions I am happy to answer :slight_smile:

Car is sat in my Garage near Exeter at the moment.

Is it possible that I have seen this one around Teignmouth ???

If so it looks and sounds like a very nice one I hope it gets the home it deserves

Good luck

Probably not, but possibly if it was in the last few weeks :slight_smile:

It’s mechanically very nice indeed, with a little cosmetic effort it will be a first rate car.

I am very much open to offers in case anybody wondered or was tempted? :slight_smile:

£17666 of receipts… And some MOTs. 104k miles not the 120k I thought!

Receipt for the Weisco pistons which are 35 over-sized aren’t there, cant find that one!

My God, that’s had some money spent on it !!!

If mine had cost a fraction of that I’d have sold it years ago.

Still, at least it proves it has been repaired, if not regularly serviced, with no expense spared.

The servicing was done by Adam, with oil etc from Opie, these are just the receipts that are significant :slight_smile:

I owned this GTO for 8 years and can confirm it’s rock solid, in fact I’m absolutely gutted I couldn’t afford to sort the fuelling out because otherwise she’s built to reliably handle 500bhp or more, right down to the forged internals, hybrid tubs, clutch and output shaft (kormex) and better brakes/suspension. The dash at night time looks stunning.

At 6psi she pulls far better then the original wheezy-after-5.5k 9b’s could at 1bar and I reckon at 1.5bar she’ll show up very, very expensive metal.

She’s spent the last 5-6 years (except for one of them) sitting in my mum’s warm garage so rust really isn’t an issue, she’s solid underneath, sills, arches, everywhere. The damage to the back left was brushing up against a dwarf wall, I was reversing in heavy rain at what must have been 0.1mph and just touched it, so the bumper is fine it just needs painted.

If interested I think I still have all the original pictures Sumiyaka took when they rebored it, fitted the forged internals, the hybrid turbos and so on.

I didn’t need to service it, the engine was stripped and rebuilt twice in the 8 years I had it, during which time I only covered 20k miles in two big 1-year chunks. They’ve probably only done maybe 10k miles. The servicing I did do was after the last rebuild where the gen2 crank went in, mineral oil for 500 then Silkolene ProS for 1000, then changed again for more ProS. I used the oils Sumiyaka recommended and the filters that Mark gave me at the time I picked it up.

I don’t know where the pistons receipt is, but they came from James (Amber) about 7 years ago, I remember them being £80 each at the time. I opted for 35-thou over instead of 55 to retain more strength in the block, I’d heard that 55 was pushing it a bit and planned on her having over 600bhp (hence the number plate).

Am happy to answer any questions, I have nothing to gain by lying, but then there is also nothing to hide, I really did invest every spare penny I earnt for 8 years in this car, she’s a genuinely good motor and will give the next owner years of happy motoring. I just hope you don’t mind a bit of snarling, hissing and growling, she’s a bit of a beast!

I’ll be gutted if a chav buys this, an enthusiast should buy her, sort the fuelling and cosmetics and have themself a properly awesome GTO with an easy, reliable 500 horses. If/when you od please let me know, I’d love to see this car finally finished, it’s painfully close to being a show car.

I forgot to say, she’s set to 6psi because knock can start at 8 and I dialled it back. You can get away with 7psi to redline on Tesco 99 (8psi on a hot day) but not on any other fuels, otherwise you need to stay at 6 to be 100% safe.

Same sort of reason I had Ben remove the boost control from mine. Awesome acceleration peaking at about 10/12 p.s.i. but worrying knock, even on Tesco 99. The solution would have been bigger injectors, fuel rails, fuel pump. But I judged the expense and risk to the block etc wasn’t worth it in a car I intended to keep.

How quick will the fuelling need sorting? or is it ok as it is for everyday use, if your not to worried about getting more power out of it?

Also if you did want to get it to 500bhp (conservative amount) how much would it cost inc labour for the bigger injectors, fuel pump, fuel defence manager, remap etc… to get there?

The fuelling is OK at the moment for standard boost on decent fuel.

If you want more power a fuel pump, injectors and ECU with a map I would say could be done for about £1k easily enough - less if you do some of the work yourself. On top of that would be some mapping, depending where you go it would be £200-£500.

Lovely car guy’s,

What turbos are you using?


Turbos are sumiyaka specced hybrids, I am not sure of an exact spec.

I suspect there will be information in wario’s posts somewhere… From memory I believe they are 13t housings with uprated wheels from larger turbos with cut back blades. Thry give little lag and spool quickly, and show no signs of tailing off at higher rpm in the current spec.